Preschool Book

Type: Preschool Book
Price: $35.00


At the Seattle PlayGarden we follow the seasons and celebrate the natural world. This book is divided into monthly lesson plans with songs, books, art explorations, special topics, and monthly newsletters that make up our curriculum. You will learn from real students, real parents and teachers in a nature based setting.

Our goal in presenting this book is to change people’s hearts, minds and practices. Each reader will enter this book at a different starting place. We welcome you. We are here to support your efforts. We believe the time has come to create community-wide change that moves us toward greater inclusion of children with and without disabilities, starting with a child’s first school experience. Thank you for coming on this journey through a year in a fully inclusive, nature based preschool.


This book is available as a free electronic download. Or, as a hard-copy book for purchase. Hard copies cost $35. There is a $5 shipping fee or it is free to pickup on site. All proceeds from the book go directly back to supporting the PlayGarden's inclusive programs and community-education efforts.

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